Frequently Asked Questions


The Balloon Rally is FREE for all to enjoy.  Please support the festival through donations or food purchased at the Rotary Food Tent. Food, Beverages, Carnival, Helicopter and Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides all have separate charges. 


Due to safety concerns, drones (of any shape or size) are not permitted at Drake Field during the Balloon Rally. 

Helicopter Rides

Helicopter rides are $30 per person and are located at the Thyng Memorial on Barnstead Road. 

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Unfortunately rides in the Hot Air Balloons during launches are not available. However, tethered rides may be available Friday and Saturday afternoons depending on weather and balloon availability. Tethering means, the balloon is securely anchored to the ground and ascends a certain height above the ground. 


Parking will be available at several sites throughout town. All proceeds raised from parking fees go directly to the nonprofits staffing the lots. 

Parking with Shuttle - $10/car. Hours - Friday at 5pm, Saturday at 1pm. Last shuttle pickup at Chestnut St Gate at 10pm on Friday and following Fireworks on Saturday. Handicap accessible shuttle will be available.

- Globe/MSA - 37 Loudon Road, Pittsfield NH

- Over the Moon Farmstead - 1253 Upper City Road, Pittsfield NH

Parking no Shuttle - $10/car. Hours - Friday at 5pm, Saturday at 11am. 

- Atlantic Safety - 55 Barnstead Road, Pittsfield, NH

Handicap Parking no Shuttle - FREE 

All vehicles must have appropriate placards or plates. Violators will be towed at the owner's expense. Limited spots available. 

- Handicap Only Parking - 49 Carroll Street


Pets are not allowed at Drake Field during the Balloon Rally.


No Smoking

Drake Field is school property, and therefore no person shall use any tobacco product, e-cigarette or liquid nicotine in any public educational facility or on the grounds of any public educational faiclity.  N.H. REV. STAT. ANN. § 126-K:7 (2010).